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About the founder:


krti tallam 


You're probably thinking I have a strange name  - and I guess I can't argue. My name is Krti (pronounced "Kri-thee") and I am an ocean ecologist.  I am currently concluding a J. William Fulbright study on climate change and ocean disease ecology and will subsequently be continuing this work with Stanford University.


I started The Anthropositive Outlook (TAO) because I believe in the power of shining a spotlight on the myriad of incredible environmental conservationists across the world - to showcase extraordinary efforts, create a network of passionate environmental warriors, and provide valuable insight, ideas, and connections for my followers. It is my hope that environmentally-concerned and curious citizens like yourself may learn more about the millions of ways you can participate in supporting environmental conservation.


I am thrilled if TAO  is even a small a part of your journey in discovering how you may use a variety of disciplines to anthropositively influence your planet.


As always, never hesitate to reach out.


- Krti Tallam

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