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PLANETARY HEALTH in the 21st century ... WHAT can we do?

The Anthropositive Outlook is a Gen Z project that explores environmental conservation through the lenses of technology, policy, and science.  We are inspired by human experiences in science, technology, and policy, as well as by fields such as philosophy, history, literature, business, and more.




We explore topics including environmental legislation, artificial intelligence for climate change, technology's influence on human-wildlife conflict mitigation, public policy for marine and terrestrial ecosystems, and more - and these topics are just scraping the surface of our exploration.



Fundamentally, we work to learn about how humans influence and are influenced by our ever-changing planet earth.

Our hope is that curious individuals like yourself may learn more about how you can study and conserve your own environments, from roles as focused as local initiatives to as broad as federal policies.


We are thrilled if we are even a small part of your journey in discovering how you may use a variety of disciplines to anthropositively influence your planet.










Hey there!   My name is Krti Tallam. I am thrilled that you've come to visit The Anthropositive Outlook!  As a computational ecologist, I utilize multiple disciplines to maximize my positive impact in the field of environmental conservation. Using ecological research, applied statistics, machine learning, and policymaking, I study climate change and eco-epidemiology as they relate to the human-wildlife-environment-zoonotic interface.  

The goal of The Anthropositive Outlook is to bring much-deserved attention to conversations around the crucial work of environmental advocates in areas of technology, policy, business, art, science, and more.  Here, we aim to inspire and re-inspire environmental advocates of all backgrounds to begin or continue being stewards of the natural world.






Thank you for your interest in The Anthropositive Outlook!   We continuously seek the feedback of our listeners in order to continue creating inspiring and novel content for listeners like you. 


Similarly, if there are guests whose stories you would like to hear more about (through our podcast series), please let us know!


Here's to an anthropositive future!

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